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Trial of the blog post under the article page of indiakanoon

Written By: Shivendra Pratap Singh

Practicing advocate at High Court Lucknow. Expert in Criminal, Civil, Services, Family, Revenue, Constututional Matters

January 13, 2022

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The series opens with Sridama (Krishna’s devotee) cursing Radha in Gōlōka. This was a part of cosmic play as it was time for Krishna to make his entry into the mortal world. Radha and Krishna are reborn in Barsana & Mathura respectively. Krishna is destined to kill Kamsa, knowing this Kanmsa attacks Gokula knowing that Krishna lives there.

Meanwhile, Ayan (Rayana) (Radha’s childhood friend) likes Radha and he tries to separate Radha from Krishna. Krishna defeats Vyomasura, a demon whose marriage was fixed with Radha. Krishna takes Radha out of all humanly weaknesses like bhaya (fear), moha (greed), krodha (anger), ghrina (hatred), irshya (envy/ jealousy), ahankara (pride/ arrogance) and heenbhavna (lack of self-confidence), after defeating each human weakness Radha comes closer to Krishna. Radha was forced to marry her childhood friend Ayan.

However, this marriage is an illusion created by Radha as she can’t marry anyone except Krishna as she is the incarnation of Lakshmi. Finally, Radha understands the true meaning of love after hearing the story of seven avatars of Vishnu and Lakshmi from Krishna. Radha also understands that her marriage is fake and eternally, she is Krishna’s consort after Brahma completes Brahma Kalyāna (heavenly wedding) of Radha and Krishna in Goloka, just before Krishna leaves Barsana after Radha’s coronation as the queen of Barsana.

In this human life apart from his love story with Radha, Krishna along with Balarama defeats the demons sent by Kamsa such as Putana, Bakasura, Aghasura, Timirasura, Sudarshana, Arishtasura, Keshi, Vyomasura, Dhenukasura, Ekadansha, Pralambasura, the evil enchanter Sammohana, and his 8 brothers who are defeated by Radha’s Ashtalakshmi (8 incarnations of Lakshmi) avatars. Finally, Kans calls Krishna and Balaram to Mathura for killing them, but all in vain. Balaram kills Kamsa’s eight brothers and Krishna kills Kamsa. Krishna’s biological parents Devaki and Vasudeva are freed from prison and Kamsa’s imprisoned father Ugrasena is crowned king.


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